Prompts to get you Un-Stuck

Weekly email prompts to get you moving and finding your spark.
Prompts to get you Un-Stuck
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On 27 April, I turned 50 years of age and decided to make a birthday resolution to make the next year a year I get moving again.

I'd felt a bit stuck lately and didn't want to enter into this next decade of living a stagnant life.

So over the coming year, I've decided to write a 'prompt' each week.

These prompts started as a way to get me moving, but when I shared what I was doing with others, they seemed to resonate, and a few friends asked if they could join in.

Relay runner
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So I decided to make them available for others, and before I knew it, a few hundred others were on the journey too! It seems, coming out of a couple of tough years, that a few of us are in the same boat.

If that's you - I'd love to have you participate.

The best way to get these prompts is to subscribe to my weekly newsletter. It's free to join, and I hope will be helpful to you.

If you'd like a taste of the prompts, here are the ones I've published so far.

Prompt 1: The Superpower of Intention
As I turn 50 today I’ve been reflecting upon how to start this ‘find your spark’ challenge and have decided to focus upon the word INTENT. It’s a powerful word - here’s why!
Prompt 2: Chase Curiosity
The advice ‘do what you’re passionate about’ is not always helpful. ‘Pay attention to what makes you curious’ is a better advice. Here’s why.
Prompt 3: What are you Procrastinating About?
Create a ‘someday list’ of things you’ve been procrastinating about and choose one to do today!
Prompt 4: Where’s the Joy?
Outrage, fear and cynicism fuel so much in our world at times. This week is all about an alternative approach - letting Joy be our Engine Room.
Prompt 5: Be Still
We live in a world of noise, busyness + info overload. Deep down we know it isn’t good for us. So this week’s prompt is simple (yet difficult). To build stillness and silence into your week.
Prompt 6: Don’t Stagnate - Create!
Science says we are all wired for creativity, yet so many of us don’t identify as creative. Let’s explore the why and how of being more creative.
Prompt 7: Enough
Why is ‘I have enough’ so hard to say? We live in a world where ‘more’ is the mantra. This is good and bad. Here’s why.
Prompt 8: Seasons, Seasoning and Seasoned.
Tips, ideas and questions to help us navigate the seasons of life.
Find your Spark Prompt: Share
A simple prompt on sharing that I hope sparks something for you.
Prompt 10: Tips for Decluttering your Life
A prompt that is all about identifying clutter in your life and moving towards decluttering it.
Prompt 11: Brave
Why recalling moments of bravery is powerful and two questions to ask when you need courage but may not feel it.
Prompt 12: Learn
Why intentional learning is such an important thing to continue throughout your life.
Prompt 13: Listen
There is a big difference between hearing and listening. This week’s prompt is to listen. I’m going to let you choose your own adventure a little this week in what you listen to but here are a few suggestions of where it may lead you. Listen to Music Last night
Prompt 14: Opportunity
Life has a habit of bringing all kinds of unexpected opportunities our way - the problem is that most of us just don’t notice them. Here’s how to spot them!
Prompt 15: Connect
We’re made to ‘connect’ - this week’s prompt is designed to give us some food for thought as we ponder where with with who we might connect this week.
Prompt 16: Rhythm
An invitation to tune into (and tweak) the rhythms in our lives.
Prompt 17: Remember
Why setting aside intentional time to remember is important and some suggestions on how to remember in a healthy and beneficial way.
Prompt 18: Anticipate
This week we look at why having something to look forward to is good for you and are going to spend some time unleashing this powerful practice.
Prompt 19: Savour
This week we’re going to look at the benefits of savouring and take a look at how to fully enter into it!
Prompt 20: Breathe
If you’ve ever heard a parent say ‘take a deep breath’ to their child - you’ve actually heard some great advice. Here’s why.
Prompt 21: Adventure
As I mentioned a couple of prompts ago - our family is currently taking an overseas trip. As I write this prompt we’re currently in Athens Greece for a few days before we take off for a whistle-stop tour of the Greek Islands! I’m very grateful for this opportunity not
Prompt 22: Nature
Why spending time in nature is good for you and a prompt to get out and do it!
Prompt 23: Empathise
Our collective empathy is slowly eroding over time - yet it’s something our world needs! Here’s how to grow it in your life.
Prompt 24: Smile
Smiling is a superpower - so this week our mission is to unleash some smiles on your life!
Prompt 25: Move
Feeling stuck? The first step to getting unstuck is to move. Here are some tips on how to do just that!
Prompt 26: Strengths
Knowing your strengths build confidence, grows productivity, can provide motivation and leads to higher life satisfaction. Here’s how to identify them!
Prompt 27: Be Kind
Practicing kindness brings transformation not only in those we are kind to but also ourselves. Here’s how it is of benefit and some suggestions on building kindness into your life.
Prompt 28: First Loves
What did you love doing as a child? This prompt is about remembering and reengaging with those ‘first loves’.
Prompt 29: Try
Behind every story of success, every challenge overcome, every achievement, every discovery and every breakthrough is someone who tried.
Prompt 30: This Exercise Could Change Everything
A powerful exercise that helps identify the gaps between where we want to go and how we’re living our lives.
Prompt 31: Give Thanks
11 exercises to help you build a rhythm of gratitude in your life (and why you should).
Prompt 32: Work
What is your relationship with work? This week’s prompt is about exploring the place of work in our lives.
Prompt 33: Rest
An exploration of the seven types of rest and why you should identify your areas of deficit to live at your potential!
Prompt 34: Play
In this prompt, we look at the benefits of play and explore 8 ‘play personalities’ that help unlock the power of play in our own lives.
Prompt 35: Contribute
If you’re looking to get out of a rut one of the best things you can do is to spend some time making the lives of those around you better. Here’s why.
Prompt 36: Review
7 questions to ask to help you review your year.
Prompt 37: Goals
My simple approach to setting goals for the new year.
Prompt 38: Habits
Got a goal? One of the best ways you ensure you meet it is to build healthy habits that take you in that direction. Here’s how.
Prompt 39: Solve
Why problem-solving is a skill we need to continue to develop and exercise as we grow older and a prompt to do it.
Prompt 40: The Journey
Do you focus more on the destination or the journey? This prompt is about getting that balance right.
Prompt 41: Contemplate
Contemplation is a part of every spiritual tradition and philosophical school of thought - so why do we let it become crowded out in our busy lives?
Prompt 42: Celebrate
A simple prompt to celebrate!
Prompt 43: Embrace
What (or who) will you embrace this week?

I'm not committing to a particular day of the week to send them, but if all goes well, there will be something in your inbox within seven or so days of subscribing.

I can't wait to see what comes in the next 12 months!