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Prompt 9: Share

A simple prompt on sharing that I hope sparks something for you.
Prompt 9: Share
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This week's prompt is a little different because the 'spicy cough' has visited our house this week, and writing has been a bit difficult (we're all ok - just out of the rhythm of our usual week).

The prompt this week is the word 'share'.

Feel free to interpret it in any way that you like.

You might like to let the word prompt you to share something with a friend, family member, stranger or even with our Facebook group.

You could share a physical possession that you either have too much of or don't use anymore.

You might share something very simple.

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Or you might choose to share something much more elaborate.

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You might share a story.

You could share a word of encouragement.

You could share something you've made.

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You might share a resource that has helped you or that you enjoyed (a book, podcast, or movie).

You might share a prompt from this series with a friend who might benefit from it.

You could share money or purchase a gift for someone.

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You might share an idea or some knowledge that you have.

You might share an experience (take someone to the movies or out for a meal).

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Or maybe, you want to reflect this week on a time when someone has shared something with you and take a moment to give feedback to that person on what it meant to you.

It is up to you this week how you respond to the prompt, but I hope that somewhere in it you find a spark or two that positively impacts your week.

I don't want to be prescriptive - but if you have a moment to share what you do and how you found the experience with our Facebook group I'd love to know how you go with it!

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