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Prompt 22: Nature

Why spending time in nature is good for you and a prompt to get out and do it!
Prompt 22: Nature
Photo by Qingbao Meng / Unsplash

Over the last couple of weeks, while on vacation, we've spent much time outside exploring the beautiful Greek Islands.

Yet again, I've been reminded what a wonderful thing nature is for our souls.

So this week's prompt is 'nature'.

A great deal has been written on the impact of spending time in nature on our well-being.

Photo by Boxed Water Is Better / Unsplash

Even in the last hour, as I've pondered this prompt, I've read how time in nature can:

  • improve your physical health
  • boost your creativity
  • reduce anxiety and depression
  • reduce stress
  • lower blood pressure
  • increase happiness
  • reduce fatigue
  • improve memory
  • reduce pain experience
  • improve eyesight
  • produce anti-cancer proteins
  • help you to become a kinder person
  • increase brain activity
  • and many other benefits to our well-being!

I even found one study that has found that there may be benefits to spending time 'virtually' in nature - good news for those unable to spend time in actual nature due to disabilities and other life circumstances!

I was freezing cold staying in the tent cabins in Half Dome (formerly Curry) Village in Yosemite Valley with my dad who was there for work, so I got up and drove around the valley at 6 am. There’s been lots of fires in the area and the valley was filled with this thick smoke. Stopped at a turnout near Tunnel View and shot this photo - I really love the symmetry of it and the smooth gradients the smoke produces.
Photo by Bailey Zindel / Unsplash

So this week, the prompt is nature, and my encouragement is to spend some time in it - in whatever way you might be able to.

It need not be a big thing - it could be as simple as eating your lunch in a local park, spending a little time doing some gardening on the weekend, driving to work via the scenic route, planning a picnic with friends, taking a day trip to the mountains or the beach or buying a pot plant for your desk.

I look forward to hearing how you go with this week's prompt!

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