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Prompt 37: Goals

My simple approach to setting goals for the new year.
Prompt 37: Goals
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Happy New Year!

I hope this first post of 2023 finds you happy, in good health and looking forward to a great year ahead.

Last week I finished the year with our REVIEW post, so while very predictable, I thought we'd start the new year with a prompt to help us prepare for the new year.

This week's prompt is Goals.

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Like last week I don't want this week's prompt to be long because I'd rather you spend the time responding to the prompt than reading it - so I thought I'd share a simple approach to goal setting that I'm going to be taking this year.

In the past, I've taken many approaches to set goals but typically will list a number of categories ranging from health, travel, spiritual, and relational goals and then will try to set a few goals for each.

While this has been an effective way to do it, I tend to end up with a long list of categories and a muddled list of goals.

This year I'm simplifying things and will set goals in three broad categories.

Work, Rest and Play

As I was writing the Work, Rest and Play prompt a few weeks ago, it struck me that almost all of my previous year's goals fit at some level within these categories and that they might make an excellent way to set goals this year.

I hope it will also be easier to keep track of my goals by having just three categories!

Here's how I'll be defining the areas (it shouldn't be a surprise after the last few weeks of prompts):


The Things You Need
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Anything related to my business work and the work I do in other areas of my life. Work around the house, work I do as a volunteer, things I want to learn etc.


An impromptu rest as the sun sets
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Anything that rejuvenates, energizes, and restores me. So this category will include any health and fitness goals, sleep goals, mental health goals, spiritual goals etc.


charming girl
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Anything fun! This will include travel plans, concerts I want to see, date nights, fun family activities and any other treats I can imagine.

I'll probably also have an 'Other' category in case I come up with any others that don't fit neatly - but I think I can fit most of my goals into one or multiple categories with a bit of creative interpretation.

A few Goal Setting Tips

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Make Your Goals Achievable and Measurable

I've learnt this the hard way, but goals that are too big or too airy-fairy are rarely kept.

So I try to break the big goals into bite-sized ones that take me to the ultimate goal and make them measurable.

So instead of 'get fit', I might have 'go to yoga ten times in January' as one of the numerous goals in my 'rest category'.

Keep Your Goals Where You'll See Them

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I like to keep my goals somewhere I'll see them and be reminded of them. In previous years, I'd put them beside my bed, my computer or the mirror in my bathroom so I could see them when I brushed my teeth.

This year I'm going to be more intentional about journalling (a goal), and I'm putting them on the opening page of my 2023 journal.

Review, Tweak and Evolve Your Goals

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I like to see my goals as a starting point that will point me in the right direction rather than something that I need to stick to 100% for the next 365 days.

Life throws curveballs, and opportunities and challenges will pop up that make some of what you write down as your goals impossible to stick to.

Use them to set your trajectory for the year but be open to adjusting them as the year unfolds.

What Would You Add?

I hope something in these thoughts is helpful to you. I'd love to hear your goal-setting approach in the comments below or the Facebook Group!