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Prompt 21: Adventure

Prompt 21: Adventure
Photo by Dariusz Sankowski / Unsplash

As I mentioned a couple of prompts ago - our family is currently taking an overseas trip. As I write this prompt, we're currently in Athens, Greece, for a few days before we take off for a whistle-stop tour of the Greek Islands!

View of Acropolis of Athens with Parthenon and Erechtheion from Filopappou hill. Herodium, Lycabettus and Acropolis of Athens view from Filopappou hill a summer sunny day
Photo by Constantinos Kollias / Unsplash

I'm very grateful for this opportunity to spend some time exploring another part of the world and share the adventure with our family.

As I'm on the road and writing on an iPad rather than a computer, I thought I'd keep the next few prompts shorter and am going to put up a word and let you choose your adventure in how you explore the prompt!

And in keeping with that - this week's prompt word is 'adventure'.

Feel free to take it in any direction at all.

To help you on your way - as I look at the definitions of 'adventure', they usually revolve around an activity or journey (action-oriented) with some element of risk, danger and/or the unknown.

As a result, they call for a little courage and daring.

Beautiful woman swings near waterfall
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Plan an Adventure

Maybe the prompt will take you in the direction of planning an adventure.

Whether it be booking that bungee jump you've always wanted to do, talking to a stranger, planning your next vacation, signing up for that stand-up comedy slot that you've always wondered about or trying a new recipe - the skies the limit really in how you could go with this week.

Types of Adventures

You can be adventurous with a physical trip, but it could be emotional, spiritual, relational, educational or occupational.

Reflect on a past Adventure

Or perhaps this week, you want to reflect upon an adventure you've already had. To savour it. What did you learn? Who did it help you become? What would you do differently?

The Adventures of Others

Or maybe you're not feeling adventurous - perhaps you could focus on someone else's adventure.

Read a biography, watch a documentary, listen to a podcast - step into someone else's adventure - you never know, it might rub off and help you find your adventurous spirit.

I hope you have fun with this prompt, and I look forward to where it might lead you! Stop by the Facebook group if you have a moment to share your adventures.

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New here? I publish a new prompt every week - subscribe below to get an email each time they go live!

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